Further reaction to the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones exhibition

Tony Jeffries paid $49 to watch Mike Tyson and Roy Jones come out of retirement for an eight-round exhibition. Why?

I’M glad that Mike Tyson and Roy Jones came out of their fight or their exhibition unhurt. But at the same time, I did feel disappointed and kind of robbed after watching it. I think mainly because of Roy Jones’ performance and on the video below I talk about exactly why. 

Now I didn’t expect to see the Roy Jones of 2010 but I was expecting something more than seeing him just trying to waste time to get through the rounds. 

I understand that he doesn’t want to get hurt (and I don’t want to see him get hurt) and that maybe he was thinking about his health primarily. But they did seem to promise so much in the build up to this exhibition. So I did expect more than I got. But Iron Mike has lost something like 100lbs in weight and got himself in shape to do eight rounds at the age of 54. That is amazing.

Even though I wasn’t happy about this fight, I have nothing but respect for two of the greatest fighters to ever do it. On this video I give you all my thoughts on this and the future:

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originally posted in BoxingNewsOnline.net on Dec/01/2020

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