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Sparring with Sugar Ray Leonard

Tony Jeffries on his virtual spar with Sugar Ray Leonard It’s not everyday day, you get to lace them up and have the chance to spar with one of the

It’s hard to retire but there is life after boxing

For many the hardest fight comes when they’ve got to retire from boxing. But there is life after boxing, says Tony Jeffriesl THERE is no single better feeling in the

Is Ryan Garcia the real deal?

If you come to the ring on a throne, you better be able to fight. Tony Jeffries gives his take on Ryan Garcia’s performance against Luke Campbell RYAN GARCIA and

Further reaction to the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones exhibition

Tony Jeffries paid $49 to watch Mike Tyson and Roy Jones come out of retirement for an eight-round exhibition. Why? I’M glad that Mike Tyson and Roy Jones came out

Bad wrists? No problem

Tony Jeffries explains how to prevent injuries to your wrists in your boxing training Got bad wrists but want to continue boxing training? You must check out my video below to

Four different stances and guards in boxing, and how to deal with them

Tony Jeffries breaks down the boxing styles of Floyd Mayweather, Winky Wright, Gennady Golovkin and Naseem Hamed. And explains how to beat them What do Floyd Mayweather, Winky Wright, Gennady

The key skill both Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather possess

Tony Jeffries demonstrates the combinations Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury have mastered BELOW I’ll show you four great head-body combinations that you can be using on the heavy bags.  I’m

Three essential footwork drills for boxing

Tony Jeffries demonstrates the importance of mastering boxing footwork Footwork is the most important thing in boxing. I bet you can’t name a great fighter who has bad footwork, right?

Four ways to use the lead hook

Tony Jeffries demonstrates four ways to throw the lead hook THE lead hook is one of the most dangerous punches because the target for the hook is the temple, which

How to do shadowboxing – the essentials

Tony Jeffries demonstrates shadowboxing, for beginners and up JUST about every boxer out there does shadowboxing. You can do it just about anywhere, including within the comfort of your own