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Further reaction to the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones exhibition

Tony Jeffries paid $49 to watch Mike Tyson and Roy Jones come out of retirement for an eight-round exhibition. Why? I’M glad that Mike Tyson and Roy Jones came out of their fight or their exhibition unhurt. But at the same time, I did feel disappointed and kind of robbed after watching it. I think mainly because of Roy Jones’ performance and on the video below I talk about exactly why.  Now I didn’t expect to see the Roy Jones of 2010 but I was expecting something more than seeing him just trying to waste time to get......

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Use your lead hook like Mike Tyson

Tony Jeffries demonstrates 25 combinations starting with the lead hook The lead hook is a notorious punch in boxing. Below I’ll show you 20 different combinations all starting with the lead hook.  Remember when Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time when he knocked out Trevor Berbick. That was actually 34 years ago, taking place on November 22 1986 (now you feel old, right?). I was only one then so I don’t remember seeing it live but I have watched that fight a lot of times. It was a solid left......

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