TV Fight Coordinator

I drew on 106 fights and countless boxing experiences to help movie and TV actors perfect their punch technique so they can make their fight scenes look realistic on the big screen

In addition, I have acted in a number of fight scenes for movie, TV, and music video

Work includes:
  • Working with Chris Hemsworth for Micheal Mann’s ‘Blackhat’
  • Halston Sage fight scene for ‘The Orville’
  • ‘Coca Cola’ commercial
  • ‘Black List’ season 1 ep 8 fight scene
  • ‘Black List’ season 1 ep 9 fight scene
  • Skylar Grey’s ‘Cannonball’ Music Video fight scene
  • ‘Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills’ boxing scene
  • Trisha Yearwood, Southern kitchen – boxing training
  • Fighter & Kid TV show – Fox
  • The Gadget TV – Channel 5 – UK

Varun Tej - bollywood boxing drama “Ghani”

Wood Harris Coached, how to coach boxing- Creed 2

Kerem Bursin - taught boxing, for a boxing Movie

Worked with Skyler Grey in her music video 'Cannonball'

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