Bad wrists? No problem

Tony Jeffries explains how to prevent injuries to your wrists in your boxing training

Got bad wrists but want to continue boxing training? You must check out my video below to help you.  

Wrist injuries as very common in boxing so if you have them, don’t think ‘boxing is not for me’. Even at a high level wrist injuries are common. 

I had to get steroid injections (legal of course) into my wrists regularly when I was boxing to ease the pain that I would get from all the pounding those joints were taking. 

A quick fix could be as simple as throwing your hook slightly differently, using extra protection like I show you in this video, or it may even mean find a new coach. Some coaches can’t hold the mitts correctly and hurt people – yes this is pretty common. 

There are a lot of coaches with egos out there that might not admit it or they probably don’t know they even do this but their mitt work can do more harm than good.

Check out this video for a better understanding of all of this and how to continue training even if you have bad wrists.

originally posted in on Nov/26/2020

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