Teach Your Staff

Do you own a gym that has clients desperate to do boxing classes but you don’t have any members of staff who can teach it?

Maybe you are worried about your clients leaving you for another gym?

Well, you no longer have to worry…
Because now you can educate your staff with The World’s #1 Boxing Fitness Certification.
Our course is designed for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and fitness business owners, our hands-on ‘Instructor Training’ course can come to your gym and prepare your staff to safely and effectively teach boxing fitness to your clients.
This isn’t some ‘Boxercise’ course run by people who don’t know the first thing about wrapping hands or teaching people how to throw a punch without damaging their wrist, elbow or shoulder…
It’s delivered by Tony Jeffries and Glenn Holmes, who are qualified and experienced coaches who’ve taught thousands of other fitness professionals how to get better results for their clients and create a much greater demand for their coaching services.
Not only will your staff learn the fundamentals of proper boxing technique and how to coach boxing fitness, but being certified with the Box ‘N’ Burn Academy means they will have access to continued support so they can succeed and grow as a boxing fitness coach.
Just imagine giving your staff a brand new skill and being able to offer your clients a brand new service…
Would that help you raise your bottom line?

“Get your trainers to do this course. It really motivated my staff, put my gym on a whole new level, and it made me a better gym owner”

Ricky Cruz Owner of HTX Gym Austin, TX


Hosted by Tony Jeffries, alongside Glenn “6-Figure Salary” Holmes, a world class personal trainer & Box ‘N Burn Fitness.

Recorded in sunny Los Angeles, CA, hosted by two Brits living the American Dream, the Box N Life podcast is a hard-hitting show covering the major talking points in boxing, fighting, fitness & life!

BNL touches on life’s bigger issues: becoming a dad, life in LA, running a business, pursuing happiness, marketing, social media, finding your passion and the perfect cocktail.

Tony & Glenn regularly interview big names across the boxing, fight, business, & arts worlds to bring you food for thought with every episode.


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