Tony Jeffries on training at home

Olympic medallist Tony Jeffries is sharing masterclasses on training at home

I think for the general public it’s important to do even just five minutes of exercise at home. Even if you do five minutes, it’s better than not doing five minutes. Just doing it, starting slow and going at your own pace, that’s a big thing. I think that’s a big thing for the general public at home. Exercise is incredibly important.

You don’t need any equipment to train at home. The sessions that we’re doing at Box N’ Burn we’re doing boxing sessions, HIIT sessions, where it’s all body weight, you don’t need any equipment. (So that can get rid of that excuse for people.)

With the boxing, if we’re talking about people who have never boxed before and might be intimidated to go to a boxing gym, the great thing about training at home you won’t feel stupid doing it. This is a great opportunity for people who have never boxed before to try it.

You can do a proper session just shadowboxing. On my online sessions, that’s some Olympic level stuff, you can do Olympic level training even if you’ve never boxed before without any equipment. There’s lots of drills and techniques you can do.

In shadowboxing you get a really good workout. Shadowboxing is great for a number of reasons. It’s great for a warm up, for working on technique, it’s great for high intensity work as well. If you’re moving on feet and using your full body as you should be doing, you burn a tonne of calories and get a great workout.

If you’re an experienced boxer, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can always get a better jab, better cross, better step back-cross or whatever it is you’re working on. You can always get better.

Below is a sample class:

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