How to box – the essentials

To learn how to box, Tony Jeffries demonstrates what you need to know

YOU may be a big boxing fan who can pick the winner of most fights or someone who just loves to watch the sport, or tried a bit of boxing back in the day. But do you really know how to box?

Well on the video below, I break down the essentials that you need to know in the simplest way possible. Having been a competitive fighter for 17 years, having 106 fights, winning an Olympic medal, seven times national and European champion as well as an undefeated professional fighter didn’t give me all the skills I needed to be able to teach you this. What did is the eight years of coaching people boxing for fitness here in Los Angeles, California. 

Teaching everyone from a five year old girl to actor Chris Hemsworth to an 80 year old man with Parkinson’s disease to musician Robbie Williams, I’ve work with them all. What I learned in my time is being able to fight and being able to teach someone how to box are two completely different skills. I think I’ve mastered the teaching better than the fighting, you judge for yourself on this video.  

originally posted in on Jun/04/2020

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