Have Tony Personally Coach you!

Tony Jeffries - Olympic Medalist and Former Unbeaten Professional Boxer

Send in a video of yourself boxing and I will watch it, review the video and give you personalized feedback to help you with your game, buy creating you a personalized video, giving you things to work on and a strategy to help you improve.


Improve your confidence!

This will help improve your boxing all around, you will start to look forward to sparring with the best guy in the gym and lose that anxiety.

Learn from the best

I’m way more than one of these people on IG that post flashy mitt work videos. I’ve walked the walk my whole life as you can see with my achievements. My passion is now to help you gain confidence through your boxing ability, to be a way better version of yourself, to walk in the gym with your head held high.

Improvements on your defense

There is nothing more frustrating then when you can’t hit your opponent right? Well if you improve your defense you can be that guy. Then once you start frustrating your opponent, it makes it easier to hit them.

You will learn to punch harder

So when your sparring or fighting, your opponents really have to think twice about committing with their punches or they will get hurt.

You will learn to punch faster

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Speed Wins’’ well it does, and once you can punch at your ultimate speed, hitting and not being hit is a lot simpler.

Learn by videos & more

Learn simply by watching videos, practicing and perfecting without any BS to get you FAST RESULTS.

200+ Bonus Videos

Get access to every video I've ever posted on social media all in one folder so you can easily find any video.


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