Worlds Best Boxing Drills


  • How to perfect your punches to really improve your offense
  • How to punch harder making your opponent wary of being hit by you
  • How to punch faster to help you "hit and not be hit"
  • How to work and hold inside to keep your opponent afraid of mixing it up
  • How to wrap hands for ultimate protection
  • Ringcraft, how to move forward and backward to get your opponent where you want him
  • How to land that body shot hard
  • How to effectively feint and get your opponent to do what you want him to do
  • Tactics on how to fight a southpaw and win
  • Plus a lot more.....

By using the ‘World’s Best Boxing Drills’ you will -

Destroy your current weaknesses

Iron out all the weaknesses that are preventing you from being the very best boxer you can possibly be.

Create a Rock Solid defense

The name of the game, hit and don't be hit! I give you the very best drills to improve your defense making you almost impossible to hit.

Develop Blistering hand speeds

The faster you can punch the better chance you have of landing. Being known for having fast hands is a great feeling, trust me, I know 😉

Build LIGHTNING FAST reactions

You need fast reaction times to help with defense. The faster you react when someone throws a punch at you, the less chance you have of being caught.

TIGHTEN up your form

Tighten up your form and take it to the next level where you’ll be throwing faster, sharper and more accurate punches whilst gliding effortlessly around the ring.

Master WORLD CLASS footwork

Footwork is the most important thing for any boxer. Step up your game by developing skills such as getting in and out of range faster, phases, changing the angles and positioning.

SHARPEN your hand, eye and foot coordination

Everything needs to work together. If you have great footwork but you can’t punch at the same time as you step… or you can punch hard but can’t slip straight after to avoid your opponent’s counterpunch and fire your own counter straight back… then you’re in luck. This package will help you sharpen your hand, eye and foot coordination so you’ll be able to perform multiple skills within seconds.

Learn from the BEST IN THE WORLD

I’m the real deal. I’ve walked-the-walk and my numerous achievements are proof of that. My passion is to help you gain confidence in your boxing ability, become a better version of yourself and enable you to walk into any gym with your head held high.

Be part of a STRONG community

Not only do I want to help you become a better boxer, I've built a strong community of like-minded people, where we can share and help each other so you’ll never feel lost or alone. For example, if you’re having a problem with your confidence, then both myself and others in the group can help you get over any problems you have and make you feel unstoppable.

10 of The Most Common Weaknesses In Boxing

Below are some of the most common weaknesses that plague people who are boxing training across the globe: -

  1. Throwing arm punches
  2. Dropping the non-punching hand
  3. No head movement
  4. Telegraphing the jab
  5. Not protecting the chin
  6. Poor balance when throwing punches
  7. Not fully extending the arms
  8. Holding breath when punching
  9. Being flat footed
  10. Loading up on the punches

Ohh and slow reactions… I’ll add that in too.
How many of these do you recognize?
Weaknesses are the result of bad habits and can be very hard to correct.
They can feel awkward and unenjoyable to train.
It’s human nature to want to avoid doing what we suck at.
But ya know what?
That’s how you get better.
With enough time doing the right training, I can guarantee those weaknesses will become strengths.
So how about I show you how you can get better and train with good habits?
Allow me to introduce…