The key skill both Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather possess

Tony Jeffries demonstrates the combinations Floyd Mayweather and Tyson Fury have mastered

BELOW I’ll show you four great head-body combinations that you can be using on the heavy bags. 

I’m sure you have heard people talking about boxing being like a chess match. Well, what they mean when they say that is being one step or two steps ahead of your opponent. And the way you do that is by knowing how your opponent will react when you do something. Once you know this, then you are one step ahead of them. 

A great example is Tyson Fury, he is a master at this. He will throw jabs seeing how the opponent reacts, then he’ll know that when he feints that jab, what the opponent will do in reaction, it may be a parry etc., then Fury will come over with the hook. 

This is all part of the “Sweet Science” and this is the thing I love most of all about boxing. 

When I hear people say Floyd Mayweather is a boring fighter, I know straightaway they don’t appreciate the sweet science of boxing as he is probably one of the best to ever do this. 

On the video below I show you head-body or body-head combinations, meaning hit them high to get that reaction, then go low or vice versa.

Check out the video here:

originally posted in on Oct/13/2020

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