It’s hard to retire but there is life after boxing

For many the hardest fight comes when they’ve got to retire from boxing. But there is life after boxing, says Tony Jeffriesl

THERE is no single better feeling in the world than getting your arm raise after a fight, especially a big fight. I’m guessing it’s like taking a high quality, addictive drug (I never did drugs so I’m just guessing – and I don’t recommend you take drugs). So knowing that you’re never going to feel this ridiculous, amazing high again after boxing is a strange and sad feeling. Most fighters like myself will suffer from depression from this. I created this video below giving advice and what I would recommend for a fighter to do when it’s time to hang them up. Boxing for a living is very hard. But retiring from boxing is probably one of the hardest things a fighter will ever do in their life.

It can be like you don’t have a purpose in your life anymore… It’s like ‘what’s the point’. It’s so easy to put on weight, go into a dark hole and you never know what the future holds. 

My life right now is better than when I was fighter. I know I will NEVER have that feeling that I had with getting my arm raised again and it took a few years for me to be ok with that. 

I created this video to help other fighters who are coming to the end of their career to realize there is life after boxing and please share it with fighters to help them.

originally posted in on Feb/25/2021

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