Four tips to punch harder instantly

Box N’ Burn’s Tony Jeffries shows you how to punch harder

ON the video below, I show you exactly what you need to know to be able to punch harder

Punching hard was one of my biggest assets as a boxer winning 40-50 bouts by TKO or KO. 

Is punching power natural? I would say partly yes, BUT that doesn’t mean that you are punching your hardest and that you can’t punch harder than you do right now. 

There are things everyone can do to punch harder and on this video, I show you the four most important things you can be doing to reach your maximum punching power. 

However this is not a “secret” or a quick fix to be able to punch as hard as Deontay Wilder. You need to put in the work to be able to reach your full potential, but I guarantee you that after watching this video you will have a better understanding of exactly what you need to do. 

To improve at boxing you should be drilling techniques perfectly. People always say, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ But it should be: ‘perfect practice makes perfect’.

Here are four things that you can do that I delve into in the video. 

  • Each punch should maximize the speed, force and power that will help you punch the hardest you can. 
  • Drilling footwork, yes footwork, helps you punch to harder. 
  • Staying relaxed is hugely important.
  • Transferring your weight is crucial to being able to reach maximum power.

If you’re not drilling this thing correctly you will never know how good you can be. 

Check out the video below:

originally posted in on Jul/18/2020

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