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Four tips to punch harder instantly

Box N’ Burn’s Tony Jeffries shows you how to punch harder ON the video below, I show you exactly what you need to know to be able to punch harder Punching

How to perfect the jab

Tony Jeffries demonstrates how to throw the perfect jab How did I perfect the jab? I show you and explain on the video below but first what is the jab

Tony Jeffries demonstrates a heavy bag workout

A heavy bag workout for all levels, from beginners upwards, from Tony Jeffries This video can be a real life-changer for you. If someone (me) said to you, how would you

Use your lead hook like Mike Tyson

Tony Jeffries demonstrates 25 combinations starting with the lead hook The lead hook is a notorious punch in boxing. Below I’ll show you 20 different combinations all starting with the

Fighting on the inside vs fighting on the outside

Tony Jeffries compares fighting on the outside with fighting on the inside but insists that great fighters master both Generally, top fighters master either boxing on the outside or boxing

Use the speed ball like a pro

Tony Jeffries reveals his secret for using the speed ball like a pro YOU might have seen a professional boxer hitting the speed ball really fast. Well, if you have

The difference between a ‘street fighter’s’ power punch and a boxer’s power punch

Tony Jeffries demonstrates the difference between a ‘street fighter’s’ power punch and a boxer’s power punch Before I competed in the 2008 Olympics I was a night club doorman, and

How to box – the essentials

To learn how to box, Tony Jeffries demonstrates what you need to know YOU may be a big boxing fan who can pick the winner of most fights or someone

How to skip like a boxer

Olympic bronze medallist Tony Jeffries explains how to skip like a boxer When most people thinking of jumping rope, they think of boxing and on this video I give you

Tony Jeffries on training at home

Olympic medallist Tony Jeffries is sharing masterclasses on training at home I think for the general public it’s important to do even just five minutes of exercise at home. Even