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Tony Jeffries - Olympic Medalist and Former Unbeaten Professional Boxer

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All YOU Have to Do Is Watch What I Do… and Repeat!

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From punching faster to better defense, The masterboxing Library has the expert advice you need to improve your boxing no matter what LEVEL YOU'RE AT.

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Get this guided how to videos that I have never shared on any social media platform, so you have totally exclusive content I’ve shared with top boxers and clients like Deontay Wilder, Ronda Rousey, Brendan Shcaub, Chris Hemsworth, Robbie Williams, Lewis Howes, Travis barker, Damian Lilard. This is a growing library and will always be getting better.

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Every tip and trick in the book, I’ve stacked this with every single boxing education, I’ve ever made from social media and other places, and put it in to 1 easy place for you to navigate through, so when your looking to improve or work on absolutely anything, its there for you

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Improve your confidence!

This will help improve your boxing all around, you will start to look forward to sparring with the best guy in the gym and lose that anxiety.

Learn from the best

I’m way more than one of these people on IG that post flashy mitt work videos. I’ve walked the walk my whole life as you can see with my achievements. My passion is now to help you gain confidence through your boxing ability, to be a way better version of yourself, to walk in the gym with your head held high.

Improvements on your defense

There is nothing more frustrating then when you can’t hit your opponent right? Well if you improve your defense you can be that guy. Then once you start frustrating your opponent, it makes it easier to hit them.

You will learn to punch harder

So when your sparring or fighting, your opponents really have to think twice about committing with their punches or they will get hurt.

You will learn to punch faster

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “Speed Wins’’ well it does, and once you can punch at your ultimate speed, hitting and not being hit is a lot simpler.

Learn by videos & more

Learn simply by watching videos, practicing and perfecting without any BS to get you FAST RESULTS.

200+ Bonus Videos

Get access to every video I've ever posted on social media all in one folder so you can easily find any video.


The progress success tracker
  • How to perfect your punches to really improve your offense
  • How to punch harder making your opponent wary of being hit by you
    How to punch faster to help you “hit and not be hit”
  • How to work and hold inside to keep your opponent afraid of mixing it up
  • How to wrap hands for ultimate protection
  • Ringcraft, how to move forward and backward to get your opponent where you want him
  • How to land that body shot hard How to effectively feint and get your opponent to do what you want him to do
  • How to prepare your mind
  • Tactics on how to fight a southpaw and will
  • Pluss alot more

I’ve absolutely stacked this package to give you the perfect way to improve and track your progress, you you can be the very best version of your self.


The Worlds #1 Boxing Educator

Olympian / Coach / Educator

  • Olympic Medalist – Beijing 2008
  • European Gold Medallist
  • 7 Times National Champion
  • Retired Undefeated Professional Boxer
  • Captain of The Great Britain Boxing team
  • 106 Career Fights (over 40 fights won inside the distance)
  • Co-Owner of Box ‘N Burn boxing fitness gym – named California’s #1 Gym by Men’s Health
  • Taught over 2,000 coaches how to teach boxing
  • Taught over 20,000 people how to box in Box ‘N Burn gyms 
Since 1995, I’ve ate, slept and breathed boxing. In 17 years of competitive boxing, I’ve had 106 fights, 57 were internationals, representing my country against other international champions.  I’ve won 7 national titles, European Gold, Olympic bronze and captained the England boxing team.
I was undefeated as a professional until I was forced to retire early due to hand injuries. I’ve trained in every environment you can imagine and traveled all corners of the earth fighting champions from many countries. I’ve fought in the same tournaments as the likes of Lomachenkko, GGG, Oleksandr Usyk, Carl Frampton, Badou Jack, boxing and beating world champions.
My teammates included world champs Billy Joe Saunders, James Degale, Amir Khan, Tony Bellew and Carl Froch. I have completed 2 x 8-week training camps with Evander Holyfield, as we had the same coach.
I now co-own and run Box ‘N Burn, two world-renowned boxing and fitness gyms in Los Angeles. I am co-creator of an international boxing education program where we teach personal trainers how to teach boxing.
I know what it feels like to be nervous before a sparring session and have those “this guy is better than me” doubts. I used to s**t myself before I sparred anyone more experience than me. Anxiety would set in and I’d try to talk myself out of it, but I’d get in there and do a number on him. I can help you overcome your fears too!
There are lots of people online offering what I am offering,  but what sets me apart is my expertise, experience and achievements. I’ve competed at the Olympic Games semi-finals and stood on the podium. Since 2012, I’ve been coaching boxing everyday for a living. I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to box and over 2,000 people from around the world, how to teach boxing to other people.

Client List

Chris Hemsworth

Robbie Williams

Taylor Lautner

Sugar Ray Leonard

Lewis Howes

Brendan Schaub

Damian Lillard

Travis Barker

Kayley Cuoco

Deontay Wilder

Tim Teebow

Ronda Rousey

Varun Tej

Wood Harris

Matt Barnes

Frank Grillo

Byran Callen

Adriana Lima

Kerem Bursin

Joe Wicks

Trisha Yearwood

Wang Leehom

Skylar Grey

Liam Smith

Jamie Carragher

Cooper Kupp

Antonio Esfandiari

Andrew Whitworth

Aubrey Marcus & Whitney Miller

Matthew Hussey

Ben Greenfield

Tate Fletcher

Jenson Button

Audley Harrison

EVE Torres

Dorathy Wang & Taylor Hasselholf

Chris Shifflet

Ben Greenfield

Byran Callen

When you are doing boxing training, don't just practice anyway, practice the right way.

About The Be A Better Boxer Package

You will learn all that I've learned as a very successful competitive fighter and boxing coach, in a simple method you can to follow along with, all recorded in HD videos that you can access anytime.

You will receive every tip and trick in the book from how to throw a fast jab to how to walk with confidence.

I'm in high demand as a boxing consultant and 1-on-1 trainer, but I'm happy I can share my knowledge and expertise with you.

Do you study other boxers and wonder “how did they do that?”

I've committed my life to the sport of boxing, I know every area of the sport inside out. I will help you work on your boxing, teaching you how do it the right way and get into good habits!

Are you frustrated that your working hard but not seeing any major improvements in your boxing?

I will train you at the very highest level and help you reach your full potential!


I've built a community of like-minded people, so you are not alone. If you are having any problems, please share with me and others in the group, we will all help and learn from each other.

I truly believe the content I have created will get you to your full potential. If within the first 48 hours of purchase you feel you are not getting value from the course, I will refund you 100% of the course price.

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Here at Master Boxing, we're here for you before, during, and after you do the course. If you have any questions or need any kind of support, you can email or contact us from the membership portal. You’ll also get ongoing upgrades to our current programs and tools you can use to further develop your skills, measure your progress, and participate in future events as a member of a community of like-minded learners.

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  • Access 50+ Exclusive videos
  • Unlimited Access to Member's Area
  • 200+ bonus videos
  • Unlimited Support
  • 48-Hour Money Back Guarantee

I want to take a minute to tell you a story before I tell you about the package...

I've committed my whole life to boxing....

My granddad taught me how to throw punches

as soon as I learned to walk, and when I turned 10 years old, he took me to my local boxing club.

When I first started training, it was tough for me.

As I was big for my age, I had to spar with much older lads, and they took great joy in knocking me about the ring.

Honestly, I wanted to quit, I couldn't stand it.

But I stuck with it.

Boxing didn’t come naturally to me.

However, the more I pushed in the gym and studied great fighters, the more things worked out for me in the ring.

I know what it feels like to be nervous before a sparring session.

I used to have major anxiety about sparring anyone with more experience than me and I’d always try and talk myself out of it…

But once we’d touched gloves, the many hours I’d spent training would take over and I’d usually end up dominating the other guy if not in that session, sometime down the line.

13 years after I laced up my first pair of gloves and almost 100 fights later, I took my amateur boxing career to the highest level possible and became one of only 3 boxers on the Great Britain team to be awarded a medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

I haven’t told you this story just to brag.

But instead to show you what can be achieved with the right mindset and training.

And today, I’m going to share all my training methods/secrets with you.

You’ll be able to see exactly what boxing training I did that helped take me from small competitions in my hometown, all the way to the world’s biggest sporting event.

The BIGGEST Training Mistake Boxers Make…And How To Fix It!

Without a doubt, the biggest mistake made by boxers, and boxing fitness enthusiasts in the gym is….

Spending the majority of their time training only what they’re good at.

Whilst training your strengths isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link’.

This couldn’t be more true for boxing.

With this package, I give you the knowledge that will help you enjoy the things that you probably don't like training.

10 Of The Most Common Weaknesses In Boxing

Below are some of the most common weaknesses that plague people who are training boxing across the globe, and leaving them with terrible habbits.

  1. Throwing arm punches
  2. Dropping the non-punching hand
  3. No head movement
  4. Telegraphing the jab
  5. Not protecting the chin
  6. Poor balance when throwing punches
  7. Not fully extending the arms
  8. Holding breath when punching
  9. Being flat-footed
  10. Mindset for training, sparring and fighting
Oh and slow reactions… I’ll add that in too.
How many of these do you recognize?
Weaknesses are the result of bad habits and can be very hard to correct.
They can feel awkward and unenjoyable to train.
It’s human nature to want to avoid doing what we suck at.
But ya know what?
That’s how you get better.
With enough time doing the right training, I can guarantee those weaknesses will become strengths.
So how about I show you how you can get better and train with good habits?